Knockraha Ringfort

This is an excellent example of a uni-vallate ringfort in good condition. The interior is subdivided by a low wall running east to west, while to the south there is a broad earthen bank dividing the holding into two additional parts.

The enclosing bank averages 0.3 metres internally and 1.4 metres high externally. Hazel trees grow on the edge and interior. The only clear entrance is a gap along the west side, but this might only be the result of interference from livestock etc.

Ringforts, usually identified as a circular earthen bank, are mainly Iron Age single family settlements. Larger ringforts may have contained several family units and may have two or more banks (bi-vallate or multi-vallate). Forts with more than one bank may have been an indicator of the inhabitant’s status or that the threat of attack was greater in some areas.