Fortlawn Cottage

After the Fortlawn Ringfort, the trail comes to Fortlawn Cottage. Two pillars mark the beginning of the driveway, known as the ‘’Pineapple Pillars’’.  Fortlawn Cottage, believed to have beenbuilt around 1748, is the oldest house remaining in residential use in Clogher.

Built as a thatch cottage, the original residents and builders are unknown. The earliest known residents of the house were the Mulrooney’s. Mrs. Mulrooney was known as a great herbalist and looked to Fortlawn Wood to create many of her cures.

In 1945, Mulroonys sold the house to Joe Blowick, who was Minister of Agriculture at the time.  In 1962, Padraig and Bernie McGreal moved into the cottage, remaining there to this day.