Doonamona Castle
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Doonamona Castle was built originally by the Normans as an Irish Tower House. When it was actually built, it was called the ‘’10 pound castle because of a grant of 10 pounds was given to build it. In the early 15th century, it was occupied by the O’Kellys of Uimaine for a short while, before being sold back to the Bourkes In 1574. Doonamona was owned by the De Burgos family, better known as the Bourkes. The castle remained in the control of Bourkes until it was taken over by Bingham who was known at the time as the Black Tyrant of Connaught.   Doonamona castle was famous for being the place where the Indenture of Mayo was signed in 1586, after a majority of chieftains submitted to Bingham’s authority.