Deerpark Wall

This Deerpark is called Deerpark West; it is a rectangular shaped townland and was surrounded by a well-constructed wall. The main entrance pillars and gate still survive at the western end of the north wall.

The Deerpark wall served as the townland boundary, but part of it is missing in the south end of the townland. Two square-shaped pens or deer folds built of stone can still be seen near the southern end of the townland, and what looks like the outline of a third can be made out in the north central part of the townland.

This Deerpark was probably part of the Westport House estate, the first house being built c.1650 -possibly on the site of a previous castle. Deerparks were a common medieval feature, introduced to Ireland by the Normans sometime around the 1300s, along with rabbits and fallow deer. Most counties in Ireland had one at some time.