Clogher Heritage Centre
Heritage, Things To Do

The heritage centre consists of Stauntons Forge and Clogher Heritage Cottage. This forge in Newtown has been rebuilt from a ruin by the local F.A.S. C.E. Scheme in 1999, the site and ruin were donated by the Staunton Family of Ballyheane, and the old forge was in the Staunton family since the 19th century. Patrick Staunton, head of the household was listed in the 1901 census as a ‘Blacksmith and Farmer’, his son Richard was also listed as a blacksmith. John Staunton who died in 1980 was the last of the Stauntons to operate the Forge. Every effort has been made to reproduce a typical one bedroomed Labourers Cottage; constructed in 2003 by the local F.A.S. C.E. scheme with the help of leader and locally raised funds and donations it includes a Cailleach Bed/Hag Bed (a bed in an alcove/recess) and a Loft. The Loft would have been used as extra bed space but currently houses an excellent display of Churns. Local residents have donated many of the articles on display. The site for this Cottage was donated by Mrs. B. Cosgrave.