Boheh Stone Walk
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The townland of Boheh, Co Mayo contains a remarkable example of prehistoric rock art, the Boheh Stone, which dates from the Neolithic period (4000-2500BC). The stone can be found along a narrow side road, hidden away behind a derelict house and unkempt vegetation, it is a large natural outcrop of rock known as ‘St. Patrick’s Chair’. Upon its surface (spread out over 4 m²) over 250 individual petroglyphs are carved. Standing at Boheh Rock/St. Patrick’s Chair on April 18th and 24th of August, looking west, the sun appears to set right on the peak of Croagh Patrick itself. Not only that, but it then subsequently appears, to an observer standing at the Boheh stone, that the sun rolls down the north side of the conical peak itself, revealing the phenomenal ‘rolling sun’ effect. The CPHT hosts a walk to the stone on both occasions of the Rolling Sun phenomena.