Boheh Stone (St. Patrick’s Chair)
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Sifnificant Neolithic Art Carvings Consisting of Cup and Ringmarks

At Boheh, on the eastern approach to Croagh Patrick, ‘cup and ring’ marks cover the large natural outcrop of rock.  It is known locally as St. Patrick’s Chair, but also the Boheh Stone.

The Boheh Stone is almost totally covered in carvings, consisting primarily of cupmarks, many enclosed by one or more circles. There are also several unusual patterns known as keyhole motifs.  This style of art dates to the late Bronze Age.

In 1991 local historian, Gerry Bracken, discovered a unique event called ‘The Rolling Sun’.  When standing at the rock, the sun appears to set on the summit of Croagh Patrick and then proceeds to roll down the right hand slope of the mountain.  This event occurs on the Spring and Autumn Equinox.August 24th is St. Bartholomew’s Day, traditionally the first day of autumn and an important date for cereal production. It is believed April 18th had similar relevance in prehistoric times. The dates may have been used to celebrate the sowing and harvest seasons.