Blessed Well, Balla

The ‘Blessed Well’ dates back to St. Mochua (Cronan) who founded the first monastic settlement at Balla in the year 616A.D.  The Well of ‘The Blessed Mother of God’, as it described on the slab of the Rest house, drew crowds of up to 15,000 at its peak in the 19th century. The Balla Blessed Well pilgrimage lasted from the 15th August to 18th September.

On the wall to the west of the well, there was once a stone with a Latin inscription.  In English, the inscription reads as follows – “We fly under patronage O Holy Mother of God. The Parish Priest of the Well of the Gods Mother of Balla had me affirmed here. 25th March 1696 P.R.O.”  This stone slab is currently to be found in the Rest House beside the well.