Balla Round Tower
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There are two round towers on the CPHT, at Balla and Aughagower. They are well worth an inspection. Round Towers are tall, circular, stone towers that were mainly used as watch towers, bell towers, and places of refuge in times of attack. Most Round Towers were built between 875 and 915 during a recess in Viking invasions. The traditional Irish name for Round Towers is ‘’Croigtheach’’ meaning Bell house, however this particular Round Tower at Balla is locally known as ‘’Clogar Balla’’, meaning the Belfry of Balla. There are two Round Towers on the Croagh Patrick Heritage Trail. This Round Tower has some unique mysterious features. There is an opening at the back for which no archaeologist has been able to determine a purpose. The opening is unique because it is located so low and suggests the Round tower was used to as a bell tower, rather than defensive purposes. The Round Tower at Balla is 10 metres high.